October Dawn

Living at the foot of Grabbist in the beautiful medieval village of Dunster is a blessing.  There have been many hours spent enjoying walks exploring woodland, moor, beaches and coastal paths and whilst I am finding it easier to be up in time for dawn, this was the first time I have ventured up through Grabbist’s woods to watch day break over the Quantocks.

Inspiration was at my side.  Images caught, words flowed to become the poem below.  I trust you enjoy and that you may catch a glimpse of how it felt and more …

Happy October everyone!

As new day dawns and wonder breaks

Grabbist’s woodland whispers wake,

Sun, frisky, round – his smile bold

Now risen shining dressed in gold.

Tis rosy pink and misty too

This quiet dawn October view.

The rabbits, blackbirds and the deer

They’re all awake and with me here.

A stag stands guarding peaceful doe

With quiet grace and strong repose

His presence proud, inspiring poise

Live well today and feel Life’s joys.



Finding my feet

Hi, welcome to my first blog.

Finding my feet … I like it, it’s an optimistic and encouraging title – it gives me somewhere to start, which is helpful as I’m about to begin.

I’ve been pondering ‘thresholds’ in recent days, along with ‘the place where all Things meet’ and it’s just occurred to me that that’s what it does. This is what writing, or any creative expression does; it crosses thresholds, taking us to the place where all things meet.

Without you, these words are invisible upon the page.  Thank you.  Journey well and enjoy the ride.