What do you think? Sea monster or alien?

What do you think? Sea monster or alien?


Sea Monster - fang-toothed eel, Texas

Not far from Goat Island, on the shores of Texas lies a creature from another world.  Washed up by Hurricane Harvey it looks like … err … what do you think?  … Is it a monster from the deep?  An alien from another Galaxy?  A fang-toothed seal, snake, serpent, eel or sausage!?

What do you think? Answers below: (20 words max please!)  Win most “Likes” “Loves” or “Laughs” !

Ruminations: No 1

Ruminations: No 1


I am come

To burn my thorns

To open my heart

To feel the precious

Acts of kindness

Extended in the hands of others.


I am come

To burn my thorns

To open my heart

To hear the joyful laughter

Of you, me and Other

Dancing spirals with the wind.


I am come

To burn my thorns

To open my heart

To see the invisible

To hear with eyes wide open

And see with ears allowed.


I am come

To burn my thorns

To open my heart

To smell the salty

Swell of ocean waves, kissing

Playful pebbles as they run.


I am come

To burn my thorns

To open my heart

To celebrate the wonder

In Beauty’s breathless whisper

Of red full moon at dawn.

October Dawn

Living at the foot of Grabbist in the beautiful medieval village of Dunster is a blessing.  There have been many hours spent enjoying walks exploring woodland, moor, beaches and coastal paths and whilst I am finding it easier to be up in time for dawn, this was the first time I have ventured up through Grabbist’s woods to watch day break over the Quantocks.

Inspiration was at my side.  Images caught, words flowed to become the poem below.  I trust you enjoy and that you may catch a glimpse of how it felt and more …

Happy October everyone!

As new day dawns and wonder breaks

Grabbist’s woodland whispers wake,

Sun, frisky, round – his smile bold

Now risen shining dressed in gold.

Tis rosy pink and misty too

This quiet dawn October view.

The rabbits, blackbirds and the deer

They’re all awake and with me here.

A stag stands guarding peaceful doe

With quiet grace and strong repose

His presence proud, inspiring poise

Live well today and feel Life’s joys.



Inspired by one of the magnolias at Emerson College in Forest Row, I dedicate this poem to all new born babies and to the Earth’s plants and flowers whilst remembering the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson,  “The earth laughs in flowers.”


Multiple limbs emerge through earth

Magnolia’s arms and legs give birth

From April’s flowers – magnificent crowns

To summer’s dome of leaves surround.


You are Queen, a kingdom too

Beckoning breeze and birds from blue

While wrapped within your bark flow streams

Where Beings meet creating dreams

And as you hold your arms out wide

You beckon all to come inside.


I am mother, queen and world

My life-force flows in dancing twirls

So come and sway with beauty’s charms

Behold, beheld in loving arms

I do not measure, judge or blame

I live my life in cosmos same.


Sunshine-in, Sunshine-out


Sun shines … Flowers bloom … Hedgehog stirs … Clouds gather … Darkness looms … Lambs shiver … Rain pours … Water flows … Earth softens … Clouds clear … Sun shines … Clouds gather … Wind bites … Darkness looms … Rain pours … Children run … Water flows …                                                                                               Clouds clear … and the bees are waking up.