Come with me this winter’s eve

Come, follow Inky’s steps,

There’s something treasured here to see –

A wonder that’s most dear to me.


We’ll meet at forest, combe and stream

Beyond the village gate

Explorers in the space between –

The loving murmurs of a dream.


Then take a path which Ackland gave

That leads around to forest cave,

There stillness wakes and silence stirs

Amidst the giant silver firs


As Darkness reaches to embrace

Queen’s daylight and her glowing face,

They’ll skip and dance and seem to fly

Across the vivid painted sky


While shadows dance to feathered song

We’ll breathe, connect, engage, belong –

And no doubt marvel as we stare

What is it that we see out there?


The dark of day, or twilight’s seam,

The stillness or the pause between?

It’s only when we come away

That long legs stretch and giants sway


Adrift in twilight, silver trees

Float whispers carried on a breeze

Between the mighty oak and beech,

They wink and glide just out of reach.


For as you raise your head to gaze                 

Upon the picture of this page

You may  well wonder what you see …

The moving limbs of a wakeful tree?



3 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. Amazing, just beautiful! I love the rhythm, the images, the music and flow. And I feel like I’m right there – it feels like this is my poem, no one else’s, except perhaps, the tree’s. I had one hesitation which was in the line: Float whispers carried on a breeze. It didn’t make easy sense, since Float looks like it’s going to be a verb, not an adjective. To make float whispers an obvious adjective, you could use a hyphen: Float-whispers.

    Back in the 1970s a Canadian naturalist found a way to record the heartbeat or sap pulse of trees. They played his tapes on the radio and they were incredible, just as if someone was beating out measured and fast rhythms on a leather and wood drum. I just wonder, if the above line would work something like: Send whispered rhythms on a breeze

    This poem fills me with joy: your joy – my joy – their joy – the world’s joy; joy just for being.

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    • Heartfelt thanks Cynthia for your appreciation … whilst I am realising more and more the joy of writing for myself, to know these inkyfootprints bring someone else a sense of joy is one of the best feelings in the world. And also for your feedback, its nice to play with words but they must make sense and your suggestion is really helpful, thank you :))

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